Tuesday 5 March 2019

Ali Akbar Khan 1970 'Ragas of India: Raga Madhabi, Raga Khammaj'

Hi friends. Here is a little surprise I found in a local store. I didn't have it in my collection yet. It was in great condition. There was a set of Signatures Series CDs released with a few of the Connoisseur Society recordings on them (these track were included on Vol. 2) - all of very good quality, but here is the LP in case you want to compare. The CD has a warm, rounder sound, whereas the vinyl is a little brighter. Hope you enjoy. By the way, I have no idea why anyone thought it was appropriate to put a pair of breasts on the cover of this album, but it is what it is!

Label: Connoisseur Society ‎– CS-2020

A - Raga Madhabi
B - Raga Khammaj

FLAC unaltered

Digitised with: Project Essential II Turntable, Ortofon Red Stylus, recorded as WAV 16/48 in Audacity and saved unaltered (apart from track separation/info tags) as FLAC, and then separately edited with: Clickrepair (low settings) then slight reduction on surface noise + normalised to -2.0db in Audacity and exported as FLAC and MP3 320kbps.


  1. Many thanks Kirrin for another Ustad Ali Akbar Khan gem !


  2. Thanks very much for this gem and the previous Ravi Shankar gems.
    I think perhaps this record found you, not the other way round!
    Either way well done, so kind to share this great music. May more music come to you!

  3. Thank You! Lovely LP with the legendary Mahapurush Misra on tabla!


  4. You have a great taste in music. Did you ever had any Kundalini experience due to listening the hindustani classical music?

  5. Thank you for sharing the beautiful music!!!

  6. Te extrañamos.....
    Para todo lo que hagas o emprendas....
    Solo éxito....

  7. namaskar
    Thanks for these great recordings.
    you mentioned you had few more south indian classical
    can you perhaps tell me which to see if i do have them.
    im born and live in Johannesburg South Africa , i gteach carnatic music for the past 35 years
    im at
    whatsapp +27 083 453 7323

    thanks so much

  8. Thank you for the great music.

  9. Breasts on the cover are most appropriate, especially considering how women hungry Allu Khan was!

  10. Wow! Thank you for sharing this priceless treasure

  11. Hi Kirrin
    I'm an audiophile consultant, based out of Bombay, India. I refer people to the best hardware their money can buy and alongside take 'em on a journey to explore the expanse of Music. Is it possible that I can probably get in touch with you for more feasible sharing of Music?

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    1. thanks. do you also have backup of other posts?

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  18. Hi Kirrin, the links on your page don't seem to work anymore.

  19. Hello from India Kirrin, this is an exceptional collection - unfortunately the links to dropbox seem to have died... assuming you still maintain this blog [im hoping you do] would it be too much to ask you to republish the links?
    Thanks again, Mukul

  20. I agree wih Makul, It is very interesting music. please reupload the links!

  21. Hi can you reupload the links please