Monday, 25 June 2018

Ravi Shankar ‎1963 'The Exciting Music Of Ravi Shankar'

Hi friends. Here is a 1963 UK pressing of Ravi Shankar. Fairly sure it's only released in mono. Not the worst recording! It's fairly easy to get a copy of this LP online. A friend has told me there are a few various compilation CDs from India with these tracks. Hopefully this is better than those.

Label: Melodisc (3) ‎– MLP 12-151, EALP 1273 & MOAE 126

A1 - Raga Hema-Bihag
B1 - Raga Malaya Marutam
B1 - Raga Mishra-Mand

Digitised with: Project Essential II Turntable, Ortofon Red Stylus, recorded as WAV 16/48 in Audacity and saved unaltered (apart from track separation/info tags) as WAV/FLAC, and then separately edited with: Clickrepair (low settings) then slight reduction on surface noise + normalised to -1.5db and tracks merged to MONO to reduce noise, in Audacity and exported as FLAC and MP3 320kbps.


  1. Many thanks Kirrin, for the Pt Ravi Shankar LP transfers !


  2. Great post, many thanks Kirrin !

  3. How to download or listen? I am getting error message that .mp3 files from archive can't be viewed.

  4. Thank you for sharing the beautiful music!!!