Saturday, 20 January 2018

Ali Akbar Khan 1967 'Pre-Dawn To Sunrise Ragas'

Here is another great recording of the Sarod Master Ali Akbar Khan. This LP was released in the USA in 1967. Connoisseur Society released many Ali Akbar Khan LPs throughout the 60s and 70s and all of them are wonderful. Fortunately several of Connoisseur Society's recordings were remastered in the 90s and re-released on CD as the 'Signature Series Vol 1-5'. This LP album was not however on these volumes.

This LP in my collection is the Japanese pressing on the Philips label. I try to by Japanese pressings whenever I can because of the reputation for high quality. 

Label: Connoisseur Society - CS 1967 (this version: Philips - SFX-7676)

A - Raga Bairagi 20:32
B - Raga Aheer Bhairow 21:13

Digitised with: Project Essential II Turntable, Ortofon Red Stylus, recorded as WAV in Audacity (sound reduction on surface noise + click removal + Normalised to -2.0db) and then saved as 256kbps MP3. 


  1. Just want to express thanks for all your wonderful shares lately. I'm sure that a lot of Indian Classical Music lovers will find, download & enjoy your content, but may not comment (doesn't imply that they are not appreciative). Keep up the great work!

  2. It's really New Year Gift! Thanks!

  3. Thanks! I just noticed your blog today. I want to welcome you to the slowly growing group of bloggers who are digitizing these analog treasures and preserving this wonderful music. I know how much effort goes into these posts and i want to truly thank you for your time.